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En Terremotocentro Italia 2016

The earth keeps on trembling from that terrible Wednesday, August 24, 2016 when a magnitude 6 earthquake struck Central Italy. Further powerful tremors struck on October 26 and 30, inflicting yet more damage on a region and a population already struggling to cope. A situation that got even worse on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 when, after the heavy snowfall that affected the same areas of Central Italy, there were new and strong earthquakes.

En Terremotocentro Italia 2016

The inhabitants of the areas affected are in need of long-term assistance and the territory needs to return to live. All donations to this fund will support only relief and recovery activities in the affected areas, some already been completed.

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Lihat Lainya:  Terremotocentro Italia 2016



Anxiety, fear, hope and desperation haunt the area where on Wednesday 24 August a magnitude 6 earthquake devastated small towns and villages in Central Italy, with hundreds of casualties, many of whom children, and hundreds of wounded.

Many villages were practically razed to the ground by the tremors: the first, extremely strong, at 3:36 a.m. on Wednesday with others, weaker but still devastating, until dawn.

The aftershocks that followed continued to throw the whole population into panic.

On 26 October, two new violent earth tremors, followed by further aftershocks caused enormous damage to the territory and forced thousands of people to abandon their homes.

Furthermore  on January 18, when the heavy snowfall had already caused serious problems to the Central Italian territory, they were noticeable new tremors, all above magnitude 5.

Lihat Lainya:  Terremotocentro Italia 2016


TIMCorriere della SeraTg La7 and Starteed have got together to raise funds for the population living in the areas devastated by the earthquake which struck, among others, the towns of Amatrice, Accumoli, Arquata del Tronto and Pescara del Tronto and, later, Castelsantangelo sul Nera, Visso, Ussita and Preci, and  more recently the Abruzzo area including, among others, the towns of Montereale and Capitignano. The victim toll is huge and numerous buildings were destroyed. The funds will be used to finance the reconstruction as on previous occasions when similar events struck the country in the past.

This dedicated Crowdfunding platform allows you to support the earthquake victims with a simple, fast and secure donation, even by credit card. A counter will display the amount raised in real time and the total amount will be paid into a current account at Banca Prossima called “Un Aiuto Subito”.

Lihat Lainya:  Terremotocentro Italia 2016

Now it is up to all of us to give and share!


All donations to the campaign made by private citizens and companies are eligible for tax break in accordance with Italian law: to reduce the taxable income or tax allowances. The bank statement recording the bank transfer or the credit card payment is to be considered as a receipt.


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